Working With Us


We will work directly with clients, but more often we work with government officials or with other lawyers, accountants, or finance professionals, who in turn administer the needs of their own lay clients. In the past, our clients have included foreign governments, Fortune 500 companies, leading law firms, and international financial institutions.


We frequently collaborate with professional advisors in specialized international matters and have been involved in transactions with virtually every offshore jurisdiction and every country in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and the Middle East. On projects, we may also consult with other experts in our extensive global network of public relations, academic, political, diplomatic, and intelligence contacts.


We will work on any basis preferred by our clients, but we suggest defined engagements to advise on the international law issues in a transaction or dispute. We are often engaged to design a strategy for international litigation, an international business migration, or an international investment transaction. In many engagements we act only as architects, relying on local lawyers to act as builders or litigators. Our expertise, coupled with our global network of lawyers and professional affiliations, provides our clients with a sophisticated, efficient, and economical alternative to hiring a large law firm to advise on a component of a transaction or dispute.

Value Proposition

Our clients understand that the value we bring to them flows from the solution-oriented application of our international law expertise, strategic thinking, and influence. As pioneers and inventors in the commercial claim investing space, we can design and recommend success-based fee arrangements both for ourselves and for other professionals involved in a matter.