Litigation Finance

Tim Scrantom and Frederick Dulles are pioneers in the emerging industry of commercial litigation finance-where third-party investors acquire an equity stake in the outcome of commercial litigation or arbitration claims. We have been involved in all aspects of forming and operating a profitable cross-border litigation finance business - starting with conceptualizing, co‑founding, and setting up the first major, publicly-listed fund to provide funding for large-scale disputes and litigation in the United States - Juridica Investments (London Stock Exchange Ticker: JIL). We have been involved in raising capital for new funds, advising the owners of large commercial claims on the monetization or financing of claims, and advising lawyers on developing their portfolio of contingent fee cases.

We offer independent, expert advice not connected with any specific pool of capital or financial institution. We believe we are the first firm to offer contingent risk portfolio management services to law firms and the first firm to provide the techniques used by litigation funders to the wider markets, particularly with respect to cross-border claims and international arbitrations.

We were pioneers in this rapidly expanding industry. Tim Scrantom conceived and designed the Juridica Group in 2006 and 2007. Scrantom and a co-founder launched Juridica in 2007, with the assistance of Frederick Dulles. Both Scrantom and Dulles were directors of Juridica Capital Management, where Scrantom served as president and Dulles as general counsel. Scrantom was also a founder and impetus for the Law, Finance and Capital Markets Program at the RAND Corporation, where he coined the term "Alternative Litigation Finance." He has been quoted frequently in most major national and international news publications on claim investment and litigation funding and has lectured on these subjects across North America and Europe.

We advise institutional investors, hedge funds, family offices, endowments, and others seeking to invest in commercial claims or claim portfolios. We also counsel law firms seeking to develop and manage contingent fee case portfolios and businesses seeking to monetize or spread risk on claim assets.

Our knowledge about investing in commercial claims augments our experience in resolving international disputes. We have examined hundreds of large (US$50M+) commercial claims for investment: we know what makes a good claim for investment purposes and we believe the same evaluation and valuation criteria can be applied to design, orchestrate, and resolve complex claims.


  • Conceiving and launching the first publicly-traded commercial litigation finance in the Western hemisphere - Juridica Investments Limited.
  • Conceiving and launching the first major initiative inside a global think-tank in the litigation finance sphere - the RAND Corporation Law, Finance and Capital Markets Program.
  • Reviewing over 700 large commercial claims to determine whether to invest outside capital.
  • Managing the deployment of over $250,000,000 in commercial claims in the U.S., the U.K., and in international arbitrations.
  • Structuring secondary-market syndications in claims and portfolios of claims.
  • Conducting valuations of claims and accounting procedures for claim valuation and public reporting.
  • Structuring insurance products to insure investor capital invested in international litigation.
  • Advising AMLAW 50 law firms on construction of portfolios of contingent fee investments by the firms.
  • Designing investment structures for outside investments in portfolios of contingent fee claims.
  • Managing prosecution of claim investments in international arbitrations.
  • Assisting in the settlement of financed claims in various countries, from Nevis to England to Singapore.